• Activating Deezer

    How to activate the music service Deezer

    1. subscribe to the Deezer option with Orange
    2. you will receive an SMS confirmation from Orange containing a link to associate the customer’s phone number with a Deezer account
    3. associate the Orange phone number with Deezer by entering the number on which the Deezer offer was activated as well as the code received by SMS.
    4. create a Deezer account (e-mail + password) / skip this step if you already have an account
    5. download the Deezer app and connect using your e-mail/password

    How to subscribe to a Deezer offer ?

    You can subscribe to a Deezer offer:

    ❑ in an Orange shop,
    ❑ through your Orange My Account area on orange.lu
    ❑ by contacting Orange customer service

    Why choose Deezer with Orange?

    ❑ A preferential rate reserved exclusively for Orange customers
    ❑ Listening to music via Deezer on your smartphone when you are connected to the Orange mobile network will not affect the monthly internet volume included in your Orange subscription. What’s more, the transmission of data is free for Orange customers who have subscribed to the Deezer option.
    ❑ Payment via your Orange bill guarantees you simplicity of use, convenience and security.

    If I am on a Deezer Premium deal, can I switch to an Orange Deezer subscription?

    Yes, but first you need to cancel your existing Deezer deal, then subscribe to the Orange deal and associate your Orange phone number with your Deezer account so that you can benefit from the special rate reserved for Orange customers.

    How does the first month free subscription work?

    The first month free deal can only be used once per customer.
    If you change deal (for example from Deezer Premium to Deezer Family), the price of the new deals applies immediately and the reduction for the first month is cancelled.

    What happens if I change my Orange phone number – does it need to be associated with Deezer again?

    Orange will update your phone number in the Deezer system. You don’t need to do anything.