• Deezer Family

    How do I activate a Deezer Family profile for a member of the family?

    1. download the Deezer app on the family member’s device
    2. log in to the Deezer app using your Deezer account user ID
    3. go to "My music"
    4. Click on the settings icon
    5. Click on "change profile" – toggle the profile to one of the profiles you have created or create a new one

    If I have a Deezer Premium subscription with Orange and I subscribe to the Deezer Family deal, will Deezer “automatically” update my account to switch to the Family deal?

    Yes, changing deal as part of the Orange subscription is not a problem.

    How do I add profiles to my Deezer Family subscription?

    In your Deezer app:

    1. go to"My music"
    2. Click on the settings icon
    3. Click on "Change profile"
    4. Add a profile