• Repairing your device

    Your mobile phone is broken!

    With the Orange Tranquillity option at €2/month, we will lend you a mobile while you are getting a quote or going ahead with the repair.

    Call in to your nearest Orange shop, and we will send your phone to the repair centre to get a quote for the repair.

    If your mobile is insured and the damage is covered by the terms of your insurance, fill in your claim, which you should send to the insurance company.

    Don’t forget to attach a copy of the purchase invoice to your file.  You will generally receive a reply within 48 hours (working days) if your file is complete. 

    If your mobile is not insured, you can get a quote. You will then be informed of the cost of the repair, which you can choose to accept or refuse.

    If your quote has been prepared by our service provider, and you refuse it, we will ask you for a financial contribution of €40.95 for the diagnostics and the return of the mobile to the shop where you dropped it off.