• Stopping the subscription

    How do I stop my Deezer subscription?

    You can deactivate this option via your Customer Area or by contacting customer service.

    You can stop your Deezer subscription at any time. Please note that if the subscription is cancelled after the free month, you will be billed the monthly subscription in full and your Deezer service will remain active for the current month.

    What happens to my Deezer account if I deactivate my account with Orange?

    Your Deezer account won't be affected, only your Orange subscription will be affected

    If my Orange subscription is interrupted, what happens to my Deezer playlists?

    Your playlists/favourites are kept

    How do I delete my Deezer account?

    You can delete a Deezer account at any time from the Deezer website or the mobile app.

    Please note that, in that case, the Orange subscription will not be automatically cancelled and the service will continued to be billed by Orange.

    To stop your Deezer subscription, you need to deactivate it in your Customer Area or by contacting customer service