• How can you protect yourself from phishing?

    You can take some simple precautions to protect your confidential information as effectively as possible:

    • Never answer an email that you are not sure about
    • Never click on links contained in a suspicious email.
    • Avoid opening attachments on suspicious emails.
    • Never complete forms asking for your bank details.
    • Check that the address of a secure website starts with “https://”; although on its own this is not sufficient to verify a website's legitimacy.
    • Use an up-to-date anti-virus program and a firewall.
    • Keep your operating system and web browser up to date and apply the security patches.
    • Change your password for the orange.lu website regularly.

    In general, never send the following information by email:

    • Bank card number.
    • Passport or national identity card number
    • Photocopy of an identity document
    • User names and passwords

    Warning: Orange will never ask you for this kind of information by email. In addition, never allow yourself to be persuaded or intimidated by implicit threats in messages ("your account will be permanently deleted"), promises ("to obtain a refund of X euros") or guarantees ("we take our clients’ privacy very seriously"). These are simply intended to cause you to drop your guard.