• What is phishing?

    The term phishing, derived from the words "fish" and "phreaking" (hacking of telephone systems), is a fraudulent technique disseminated mainly by email but also by phone, text message or fax. It is used by malicious third parties with the aim of procuring confidential data.

    This type of scam targets Orange, but also other internet operators and institutions (banks, authorities and public services, etc.). In general, never disclose your bank details or complete any forms immediately after clicking on a link in a suspicious email. Orange will never contact you by email, text message or fax to ask you for a password or bank card number. Orange will never contact you by telephone solely to request this information.

    You receive a message containing the official typography and logo of your internet provider, bank, etc. This supposedly legitimate message informs you, for example, that your contact details need to be updated, have been lost or an error has occurred with your direct debit and invites you to click on a link to re-enter the information or log in.