• Home Box use

    It is an internet modem, which does not require installation and cabling in your home. 

    the Orange Home Box offer does not allow surfing outside Luxembourg.
    your subscription only allows you to surf the internet. Phone calls are impossible. Sending/receiving SMS are possible only for monitoring of your consumption and to acquire “100 GB Speed Refill”

    All your devices with a WiFi connection, such as your smartphone, tablet, computer or game console, can be connected to the Orange Home Box modem.
    Thanks to a good range WiFi you will enjoy the internet everywhere in your home.

    If you prefer to use a network cable instead of WiFi, you can also connect an Ethernet port from the Orange Home Box modem to your computer.

    If you are an advanced user, know that you also have the option to set your firewall to adapt the security according to your needs.