• What are the uses of the PIN 1 and PIN 2 codes?

    The PIN1 protects you from any unauthorized use of your SIM card. It must be entered each time you switch on your mobile phone. It is very important that you memorize your PIN.

    Indeed, after 3 false entries, the PIN code, your SIM card is immediately blocked. I t you therefore cannot receive calls and to issue (except emergency number 112).

    You can unlock your phone with your PUK code. Your PUK is on the card that holds your SIM card. You will receive this map with each Orange Start Pack.

    The PIN2 code may be required by your mobile phone while using some menus. This is generally used by the fleet manager of mobile phones of a company to limit calls to certain numbers.

    To unblock your PIN2, you must dial the following code: ** 52 * PUK 2 * new PIN2 * new PIN2 #"