• How can I configure and personalize my voicemail ?

    To personalize your voicemail, you can configure some parameters, which are the system's language, the welcome message and password. The configuration can be done either at the first access, or thereafter. Customizations can be done via the system of the phone's voice mail.
    The first time you access the service simply dial 600 and follow the instructions of the system.

    As an Orange customer you can choose the language in which you want your voicemail is activated. Each customer can choose between 5 languages namely Luxembourg, French, German, English and Portuguese. For prepaid card customers the default language is French. However, you can change this option when you go for the first time in your email, or via the unified messaging and multimedia, or by calling our toll free helpline at 800 61 606 or the 606 number from your Orange number.