• What course of action should be taken if there is a dispute?

    If there is a dispute, we request that you get in touch with the provider of the services under dispute. You can find the list of providers who have a contractual relationship with Orange. If you are unsure who supplied the service, Orange can give you these details using the number of origin of the message ('From' field for SMS or MMS).
    If you cannot reach the provider or if they are not willing to get involved, please address your complaint in writing to our Customer Care at Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. 8, Rue des Mérovingiens L-8070 Bertrange or by email to clients@orangeluxembourg.lu giving a detailed description of the dispute and, if possible, including supporting documentation (e.g. copy of the advertisement, bill, etc.)
    Cases will then be analyzed by Orange experts and the service provider. We will inform you by post of the outcome of our investigations. Orange can’t be held responsible for decisions made by the third party service provider.