• Why is my invoice higher than usual?

    Possible reasons:

    - You have downloaded ringtones or logos via an SMS short number onto your mobile phone without being aware of the premium rate applicable or someone else has been using your mobile phone to send an SMS to a short number.

    - You have received an SMS inviting you to call back an 090x number (for example to listen to a so-called love declaration) and have dialed the 090x number given to listen to that message.

    - You have taken part in an SMS chat or ordered an SMS service and have received dozens of SMS for which you have had to pay.

    - You have entered a contest on the internet and you have encoded your phone number which could be retrieved by another service dealer.
    You will then receive unsolicited messages that are taxed by the service provider. Possible reasons for an unusually high invoice can be found in the detailed list of calls enclosed with your bill.