• What responsibility does Orange hold?

    Orange is a telecom operator which carries on its network, SMS, telephone or data traffic. Our only role is to set up the connection between the provider of the service and the Orange mobile subscriber. Orange is not responsible for the contents of SMS & MMS services provided by third parties.
    Orange is responsible for billing the services that appear on the customer's monthly mobile phone bill. The sums invoiced to Orange customers are paid back to the provider of the service who then pays for the provision of the Orange infrastructure.
    The relationship between the customer and the provider of the service could be compared to that of a contract. The customer must contact the provider of the service in the case of any dispute regarding the service provided. Orange can’t therefore be considered responsible and will not make any compensation for the commercial use of these services on-taxed. If the customer is unsure who has supplied the service, he can consult the list of content providers offering their services through Orange network or contact our Customer Care free on 800 61 606.