• Avoiding out-of-bundle charges

    To avoid incurring out-of bundle charges, you can view your usage in your Customer Area at any time. 

    If you call, send an SMS or use data above the amount you took out on your subscription package, you risk incurring out-of-bundle charges and having to pay additional fees. From your Customer Area, you have the option to change your price plan and choose one more suited to your usage.

    Out-of-bundle charges and roaming in Europe

    Even though the European Regulation now allows you to benefit from usage included in your call plan, you may end up exceeding the authorised volume. If you are in Europe, you will be notified of any overspend and your line will be blocked once you reach 50€ out-of-bundle charges. This service is free. Please note, blocking does not exist outside Europe.

    Out-of-bundle charges outside Europe

    Usage outside Europe is more expensive. We suggest you completely deactivate your mobile internet in your phone settings as soon as you board the aircraft in Luxembourg, to avoid automatic updates on your mobile. You can also deactivate your voicemail so that callers cannot leave you a message, because when you are outside Europe, message storage and retrieval are chargeable. 

    If you are travelling to an exotic destination, we suggest you check prices before leaving Luxembourg. If there is no option that allows you to take control of your expenditure, you can always buy a prepaid SIM card at the airport or in a specialist shop on arrival.

    If you are travelling in one of the countries in the Best Destination zone Link to Zones (most-visited countries from Luxembourg), we invite you discover the Best Destination pack. This will allow you to use your mobile abroad, while keeping an eye on your usage. It includes 500 units in your favourite destinations around the world and from these destinations to Europe and the USA as well as 500 MB for internet use from your favourite destinations around the world.

    To find out all about the Best Destination Pack, click here >    


    MMS are not deducted from call plans. If an SMS is too long and especially if it contains emojis or a photo, it may be automatically converted into an MMS. Check the settings on your mobile to prevent SMS being converted to MMS. To send your photos and videos, choose apps instead, and connect via WiFi.

    See also: SMS/MMS paid service, premium rate calls

    Good to know:
    If you have a subscription, you will receive a free SMS once you have used 80% of your plan, and again when this has been used up.

    Absolute guarantee: the fixed-rate package option
    With this option, which is available for 2€/month, you will be unable to exceed your call and/or data volume because, once you have reached it, you will be blocked. You will receive an SMS when you have reached 80% and 100% of your volumes, so that you can manage your subscription more effectively. You can always unblock your account by buying credit.