• Block certain numbers

    To avoid unpleasant surprises, Orange offers the blocked package option to block access to the following services:

    ❑ The sending and receiving of premium SMS and MMS related to game shows
    ❑ The sending and receiving of premium SMS and MMS related to hobbies, games, logos and ringtones.
    ❑ The sending and receiving of all premium SMS and MMS.
    ❑ Sending and receiving premium SMS and MMS.
    ❑ All calls to premium numbers.
    ❑ The sending and receiving of all premium SMS and MMS with content reserved for over 18s.
    This service is charged 2€/month. You can activate directly in your Customer Area, section "My subscriptions", then in "Option". Make sure you select the line for which you want to activate the option.

    The Orange Telephone App

    Orange Téléphone is a simple and intuitive application to better manage your calls. It allows you to easily see who is calling you and avoid unpleasant surprises with overtaxed calls. No more unknown numbers. Better yet: it detects unwanted calls (solicitors, who call you to sell you products you do not need). You can even block numbers that insist too much: they will never be able to call you again.

    On Android, the Orange Téléphone application replaces your default call application, on iOS it enriches your call application with additional information to regain control of your calls: anti-spam, reverse directory, emergency numbers , price of premium rate calls, etc ...

    Do you receive malicious calls?

    First of all, keep in mind that you should never call back a malicious number. To fight against this kind of call, several solutions are available to you:
    ❑ First, use our mobile online configuration tool to block the malicious number in your phone's settings.
    ❑ In a second step, once the phone number and the name of the author of the calls obtained, you will be able to complain to the police.