• Pay your invoices

    To pay your Orange invoice, several options are available to you:

    By Direct Debit

    You can activate the debit authorization on your bank account by filling this form >

    Then you can:
    1. Send it by post to
    ORANGE Luxembourg
    Credit & Collection
    8 rue des Mérovingiens,
    ZAI Bourmicht
    L-8070 Bertrange

    2. You can also send it to us by sending it via the "Support" section, in the "My Account" section of your Customer Area.

    3. You can also deposit it in one of our Orange shops.

    Do not forget your obligatory signature. Without signature, your notice of domiciliation will not be valid.

    To change your direct debit, simply repeat the above transactions with your new account number.

    If you have already received an invoice before confirmation of activation, please transfer it to your Customer Area or shop.

    If you wish to cancel your domiciliation, contact us via the "Support" area in the "My Account" section of ​​your Customer Area (Report new request button) or by contacting the 606 from your phone.

    Since July 2020, the unique SEPA mandate reference that appears as debit on your account is different from that of the previous months. Your mandate reference is now CUST 1000XXXXXX, previously it was made-up of numbers only.

    Attention, the cancellation of your domiciliation will entail a monthly invoicing of 2€.

    From this moment, you can pay your bill yourself in your Customer Area or by transfer every month within 10 days.

    If your direct debit has not been taken, please contact your bank to find out why. We will make a second attempt to collect payment five days later. If this payment is also refused, please settle your invoice as soon as possible using another method of payment. If your telephone number has been suspended, it will be reactivated as soon as we receive payment. Please take into account the time needed for the payment to transfer between banks.

    If you have paid but still receive a reminder, it may be that your payment and our reminder have crossed. Compare the date of the reminder with the date of your payment and take into account the time needed for banking institutions to process a payment.
    Check your account statements for the account number and the structured communication (reference) for your payment. The precise payment details appear on your invoice in your Customer Area.

    You can then check whether or not Orange has received your payment. If not, contact Customer Services by dialling 606 from your mobile. Keep your account statement to hand.

    Via your Customer Area

    If you decide not to activate the direct debit, you can simply pay your invoices via your Customer Area by using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card (Prepaid Visa cards won't work).

    Exactly how does it work?

    Log in to your Customer Area and then go to the "My invoices" section, which you will find in the top left of your welcome screen.

    You will then have access to your last six bills. Each is marked with a status: "Paid", "Due" or "Outstanding".

    If you have not chosen direct debit, whenever you receive a new bill, its status will be "Due". It will appear as "Paid" once the amount stated has been paid.

    You have two options:

    ❑ you can click on the orange button "Pay all my invoices" at the top of the list of your invoices. Payment will be made for all the unpaid invoices.
    ❑ you can click on each invoice individually and pay those marked "Outstanding" and "Due". If you are late with a payment, the status will indicate "Outstanding". Please pay this invoice as a priority before paying any invoices that are "Due".

    On the next screen you will see a confirmation of the bill that you have selected. Click on "Pay" to confirm your choice.

    Click on "Add a credit card" and follow the instructions. If a credit card is already stored, simply enter the 3-digit verification code (CVV).

    You don’t need to enter either the Orange account number or the structured communication (reference). The system knows this information and your payment will be automatically registered.
    Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive confirmation of your payment.

    By bank transfer

    If you decide not to activate the direct debit, you can also settle your invoices by bank transfer.

    For this, use the Orange bank account:
    IBAN: LU28 0019 1755 6459 2000 

    You will find the reference for your invoice, to quote when you make your transfer:
    ❑ on the first page of your invoice, in the Orange field below the words "Total amount". Remember to quote this reference when paying your invoice.
    ❑ under the "My Invoices" tab in your Customer Area beside each outstanding bill.

    By direct debit on your credit card

    If you wish to pay your Orange invoice with your credit card, you can do so in your Customer Area, by going to the "My invoices" section followed by "My billing account" then "Billing settings" and finally "Change billing settings".

    You can also register it in store in an Orange shop.

    Paid on time but still unable to make calls?

    You can check via your Customer Area whether or not we have received your payment.

    If your payment has not yet arrived, check your account statements to verify the account number and the structured communication for your payment. The precise payment details appear on your bill in your Customer Area.

    We also advise you to try switching off your phone and then switching it back on again.

    If the information is correct, take into account the time needed to process a transfer. Certain banks require several working days.

    If you think there has been a mistake or you have not included a reference with your bill number or customer number but your account has been debited, contact us on 606 or send us your payment notification by e-mail to clients@orangeluxembourg.lu