• SMS/ MMS paid services

    To pay for your bus or tram ride with SMS 4 ticket,  to vote by SMS for a TV show, receive sports results from your favorite newspaper or download a ringtone or logo via an advertisement in a magazine. These services are offered by external service providers or premium partners. Orange charges the services provided exclusively on behalf of service providers or premium partners and on their behalf.

    How to recognize these services?

    Premium SMS & MMS services make it possible to purchase per one-time transaction or subscribe to various services or digital content via a short number of 3 to 5 digits.
    per one-time transaction: you send a keyword to a premium SMS number and in return, the publisher delivers the requested service or content;
    by subscription: you send a keyword to a premium SMS number. You will then receive a subscription confirmation request to which you reply OK. Once subscribed, you will receive your content regularly..

    How much do these services cost? How to block these services?

    The maximum rates for paid premium SMS or MMS premium numbers are indicated by the service providers.

    The service provider is required to always mention the price of the SMS / MMS. In the case of subscription services, both sent and received SMS may be billed.

    These purchases appear on your mobile bill or are deducted from your credit for prepaid cards.

    Many SMS and MMS content providers distribute their products over the Orange mobile network using their own brands. By contract, Orange allows the distribution of these products and their invoicing to its customers.

    As part of these third-party value-added services, Orange serves only as an intermediary by taking charge of the network connection and billing.

    How to block these services? 

    You can unsubscribe from a paid SMS / MMS service by sending STOP to the premium number. However, if you still receive this content, we invite you to contact the service provider. Orange Customer Service will provide you with contact details.
    Orange has also put in place an option to avoid their use on a line.

    You can choose to block only SMS or SMS and voice (premium rate numbers). The option is offered to you for 2 €/month.
    This option can be activated on your customer area or shop.

    Warning: these blocks prevent you from paying for your bus ticket or accessing other paid services.

    If you have any questions or issues about the service or the amount billed

    Any questions? Or are you having issues with a paid service that you have purchased?

    Contact the service provider or the premium partner so that they can answer your question or resolve the issue you are having.

    The list of providers under contract to Orange is available, and our Customer Services can send it to you. 

    If you are unsure about the identity of a provider, Orange can find out for you, using the number the message was sent from (sender field for SMS or MMS).

    If you do not manage to contact the provider, or if they refuse to handle your complaint, submit your claim by creating a request in the "My Account" section then "Support" in your customer area.

    Don’t forget to describe the dispute in detail and, if possible, supply written proof (for example, a copy of the advert, a bill, etc.).

    The Orange experts and the provider of third party services will then analyse the file. We will keep you informed by post of the results of our enquiries. 

    Orange cannot be held liable for decisions taken by the provider of third party services