Emergencies & fixes

what to do if your mobile gets lost or stolen?

suspend your line

If your mobile gets lost or stolen, immediatly suspend your line to protect it from abusive use by a third party. Blocking your mobile makes it unusable on the national network and the theft is useless, it's a civil gesture that helps to discourage thieves, avoids fraudulent situations and abuse of your mobile account.

Independently which mean of those listed below you choose, your request will be immediatly registered and your line suspended.

1. Go to orange.lu and log yourself into your client account

Connect on your client account using your Orange login and the associated password:

  • click on the SOS mobile button
  • fill in the form and validate it, this will allow to suspend your card
  • having done this, call your customer service or visit an Orange shop to renew your SIM card and to purchase a new mobile.

2. call Orange customer care

Suspend your SIM card as fast as you can by calling customer care on one of the following numbers (Monday till Friday, from 8am to 8pm):

  • national tollfree number 606 from the Orange network
  • national tollfree number 800 61 606 from any phone
  • when abroad, call +352 661 061 606

3. go to an Orange shop

Tell the salesperson that your mobile has been lost or stolen. Ask to immediatly renew your SIM card, this will desactivate automatically the lost or stolen card (For enhanced security, we recommend to personalise the PIN code of your new SIM card).

  • if you have subscribed to the "Orange Assurances" damage and theft insurance, make sure you tell the salesforce which will remind you the procedure to declare the loss
  • if you wish, purchase a new mobile

file in a complaint in case of theft

In case of theft, file in a complaint at the nearest police station.

contact Orange Assurance

If you have subscribed to the "Orange Assurance" damage and theft insurance, after having suspended your line on orange.lu, get hold of the IMEI number of your mobile and declare the loss immediatly.


What to do if your SIM card is blocked?

obtain the PUK code to unblock your SIM card

The PIN code is a 4 digit code that protects and secures the access to your SIM card. You have to enter it every time you switch on your mobile. If you enter a wrong PIN code three times in a row, your SIM card will be blocked. To unblock it you'll need your PUK code. This code has been given to you together with your SIM card. To enter it, simply power up your phone and follow the instructions which will ask you to enter the PUK code, to unblock the SIM card.

If you don't find your PUK code, go to an Orange shop with your mobile and ID card to prove your the owner of the SIM card. After validation, the salesforce will be able to unblock the card.