Services Areas

Our experts are there for you when it counts

At Orange, we're dedicated to helping you at any moment in your digital life.

 In our Service Centers across Luxembourg, our advisers, experts and specialists are on hand to help you whether it’s for an installation or assistance.


Our top 5 services

  1. Data transfer
  2. Installing a mail box on a mobile or tablet
  3. Smartphone or tablet starter pack
  4. Securing and/or personalising WiFi
  5. Damage reports for insurance purposes


Our missions 

We cater to all your needs

  • Need to save your contacts?
  • Need to set up your mobile?
  • Need to connect your smartphone to WiFi?
  • Need immediate repair so that you always stay connected?
  • Need to use your new devices immediately?
  • Need to transfer data from your old smartphone to your new one?
  • Need to configure your data stick?

In our Service Centers, our Orange experts are there to help you, advise you, guide you, assist you and help you to use all your mobile devices.


Our services areas

At Orange, the service is important for us

We want to continually offer the best support. In our services areas, our Orange experts are here to help you; whether to support or install your mobile equipment, fixed or Internet.